Cassandras of the world, unite!

by respublica8

I really don’t want to exaggerate here, I don’t want to sing my own praises or bore you with anything, but as for the current Euro crisis and the chaos in Greece and the growing chaos in the USA (with more than 40 million Americans now on foodstamps) that apparently was to be resolved by simple money-printing, helicopter-style (hahaha)  – and much of the rest of it: I’ve seen it coming. (Which really is no big thing at all, just open your eyes and do the bloody math. And yes, once a central bank has to step in and buy the country’s bonds, they are both in trouble.)

I’ve sent numerous emails to people, I’ve been talking to family and friends, I’ve been commenting and blogging on the internet – you know, just tried to make people aware of the possible dangers that we are heading for with our collapsing financial and economic system. And to open their eyes as to how to protect themselves, ie withdraw money from their accounts, buy gold, land, stock up on food, build support networks etc. Because, obviously, you somehow feel responsible. You realise that you may know and be able to imagine/forecast things that they apparently are not able to imagine. And you have heard of a few possible solutions. So, of course, you go ahead and tell people.

You weren’t that naive as to believe that they would all love your news (after all, we know what happened to people bringing bad news in ancient times), but at least you had expected some reaction, some discussion. Well, that was rare. Actually, as for reactions, people (whether they know you or not) accusing you of being “a deluded conspiracy theorist” were still quite polite, let’s put it that way. Of course, you realise they don’t actually mean to hurt you, it’s just their way of “protecting” themselves against something that might be too much to digest, too hard to face, too complicated to contemplate. So rather than looking at the facts (and never did I come along with myths) it is of course easier just to discredit the bringer of the bad news. But we ignore the obvious at our peril, as Margret Heffernan illustrates with numerous examples from business and politics in her book “Wilful Blindness” (brilliant read, in particular for “Cassandras”).

Then, unfortunately, mass media haven’t been helpful at all. The more you dig yourself, think for yourself, the more you read about the monetary system, the real reasons for the Euro introduction, the inadequacies when it comes to investigate 9/11, the surveillance state … and all the rest of it … you just HAVE to come to the conclusion that we are being lied to on a grand grand scale. But there are so many people out there (even very intelligent ones) who seem to be just content with what they get from their favourite trusted newspaper. Telling them that this newspaper may have very intelligently dis-informed or even downright lied to them (to them! who are so knowledgeable, so much more intelligent than their stupid neighbours who just read tabloids) is nearly impossible.

Yes, I know how it is, how you can easily feel exhausted and overwhelmed by all the news that nobody wants to hear. I’ve read countless comments on the net where people complained exactly about this, about feeling ignored or ridiculed, about not getting through, not achieving anything. The “Cassandra position”  or the whistleblower life is not an easy one. But unlike the mythical Cassandra, we may still have the chance to get heard. After all, things are changing quite rapidly right now, the chaos becomes evermore evident, new movements are forming and more and more people seem to wake up.

So this post is for all of you out there who still follow the current developments, try to inform other people, try to do something – and who just don’t want to give up. It is all more pressing than ever, so we need to continue “being a thorn in the side”, confronting people with facts and, above all, we the Cassandras of the world, need to unite and show our governments where the limits are. (Yes, I know that blogging on the net is by far not enough and can not really be counted as “political action”, but the internet is still very good for publishing “alternative” opinions and reaching people. And we really have to since our “quality media” do not seem to be able to do the job anymore as most of you probably know.) I would just like to encourage all of us to not stop, not to feel frustrated, but to continue the hard work and to come together because ultimately, there’ll have to be visible protest.

BTW, my parents recently started to grow potatoes in their garden (I just couldn’t believe it.) My mum said (a bit defensively), oh, you know, it’s just for fun … I said, well, you never know, might be a good idea …