The ESM is another step towards the “EUSSR”

Just watch this (German with English subtitles, not even 4 minutes):

On the “European Stability Mechanism” that is supposed to come into effect on 1 July 2012:

Looks like as if the comrades in Brussels try to use the current Euro crisis (as many observers have suspected for quite some time) to set up just another trap for innocent, democracy and freedom-loving Europeans who sadly and ironically might still think the Euro/EU was a good idea, but please get your facts straight:

An unelected body is supposed to be responsible for the Eurozone member states budgets. It can limitlessly and irrevocably demand as much money as it sees fit from the Eurozone taxpayers (in particular the Germans, of course), to be transferred within seven days. It will enjoy immunity from any legal proceedings, but can sue others itself. No future parliament or government of the member states can change or abolish this body.

How does that sound? A bit like a perpetual taxpayer-milking machine? A bit like a dictatorship?

(email petition against the ESM for German readers, pls take part and circulate if you don’t want the above)

Here is more info:

Please get yourself informed, circulate and email your respective members of parliament, governments etc.

Time to act while we still can.