No female bishops for the Church of England?

Time’s flying and with everything that’s currently happening so fast around the world this is of course old and forgotten news already, but I’m still a bit shocked. Not that I care one bit about the Church of England or personal salvation via “proper Christian belief”, whatever that is, and of course women around the world can find ample opportunities for practicing spirituality and spiritual leadership elsewhere (probably much better ones than in the Church of England anyway), but somehow this is sad. How far are we away from the Middle Ages?

How long will it still take until women’s gifts are truly acknowledged, whether they relate to the other world or this one, how long will it still take until men and women around the globe can find and practice spirituality together, leading and following each other or just sharing their ways for a while, learning from each other, being seen and felt as equal in every respect?

I wonder what lies behind these objections against women. Are some men still so afraid of them and their powers, in particular their spiritual powers? Are they afraid of their own feminine parts? Of the omnipotent Great Mother? Are we still at that stage? So much in the dark?

I wonder if the guys who so so strongly object to women being spiritual leaders ever heard of Eckard Tolle stating in his great book: “The Power of Now” that women are actually closer to enlightenment than men … Or if they ever heard the story of Pope Joan or the first Western female guru in the East, Mirra Alfassa, also known as “the Mother”? I guess they’ll still have a lot to learn.

And every woman still a member of the Church of England, but with a minimum of self-respect should quit at once and then they should just start their own churches, following the traditions of the Early Christian Church and Mary Magdalene – who probably was Jesus’ partner and received special teachings from him with the mission to lead …


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