We are still here: Happy New Year 2013!

Quite surprisingly, the world didn’t end on 21 December 2012. The tube was running, there was no power outage, no food shortage and no more drunken people in the street than usual when I stumbled home after an “End of the World” Party with the motto: Last Orders.

I never believed this crap anyway and can only pity those who were truly afraid or waiting in a mountain hut for some extraterrestrials to appear. It is true however that there was some strange and very rare “cosmic” or “planetary alignment” taking place on 21/12/2012 that for the Maya marked the end of a certain cycle, not necessarily the end of the world.

Whatever stories are told here, cosmological, astrological, psychological, political … or the idea of a new consciousness that is to emerge from now on … that may open us a lot more, unite us and help us to overcome the ever increasing problems of this planet, I can only wish for each and every one of us to make the most of what is given and to broaden our awareness more and more so that we can finally awaken to the realisation: It is all one – and act accordingly.


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